Traveling to see and get familiarized with the other side of the earth is a beautiful thing. Actually there are many places where you will get the chance to see and touch the things of the past.

One of the best examples of that place is Israel. Israel is one of the ancient places because of a lot of things that happened there over the last two thousand years if not more. You can get to know more about day trip to Petra from Tel Aviv via an online search. 

Israel is still far from a third world country. As a matter of fact, Israel is the largest industrial high-tech industry, but a touch of history intact.

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One of the best places you should visit in Tel Aviv Israel. So, why would you even consider visiting this place? Well, not only is the city is packed with the coolest clubs, bars, and shopping centers Israel has an offer, it also offers many sightseeing places where you can spend most of your holiday time. If you are planning a visit, here are some places you should check out:

• Bauhaus architecture – where it dominates the landscape architecture of Tel Aviv and has been known as the White City, which happened to be the name of the city itself.

Here are some aesthetic style rules like cutting unsoiled, clear white walls and not a lot of frills. The entire building has its subtle and simple touches inspired by the idea of a specific function.

• The Museum- Diaspora Jews said to be one of the largest museums in the world. The museum specializes in the history of the Jewish people.

• Beit Ha'ir- located in the Town Hall was renovated and the history of Tel Aviv. This is the second museum that presents several aspects in the history of Tel Aviv, and as a cultural center that showcase various exhibitions.