The reflector is a material used to reflect light. These are road signs which are usually rectangular or dome-shaped depending on the brand. This device is installed on the road surface or sidewalk to complement other road markings such as road lines. 

However, pavement reflectors are mainly used on roads for the same purpose – to reflect light. These marks reflect light coming from the headlights of passing vehicles. This is why most of them are used for traffic control and security. Nowadays, it has become really easy to get the best colored road surfacing and is also becoming really popular. 

Pavement Markers: Raised Pavement Markers

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These pavement reflectors are usually not covered either in the dark or in weather conditions that can affect road visibility, such as rain or snow. The reflection of light on the streets can guide road users, especially at night. This makes the streets and alleys more visible. In addition, these reflectors serve different purposes. They also serve as effective traffic restrictions and instructions for drivers and pedestrians.

This type of reflector can also serve as a motion control solution. If these reflectors are placed together with road reflectors, lines and road markings in dark or accident-prone areas, the area can be much safer. Reflectors are also used in areas such as pedestrian zones. Ultimately, these reflectors support safe driving conditions.

Various pavement reflectors are available. Different types of curb reflectors are used depending on the intended use. Different types also have different characteristics to suit the needs of road users. For Instance, yellow reflectors are often used to mark different paths on a one-way street.