P2P has several benefits; that’s why people are turning towards this investing option. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of P2P or person to person financing.

Easier approval:

Among the major benefits of P2P financing is the simpler loan approval procedure compared to that of a conventional bank. The majority of the time, you will have access to a broad network of loan providers to operate with.

Regardless of the fact that some of them may be suspicious of working with those that have bad credit, there'll always be many prepared to create trusted deals. This is a massive advantage for those searching for cash.

what is peer to peer lending

Lower fees:

In P2P lending you will find smaller and fewer penalties to pay for (sometimes none).

A bank will charge you loan application fees, processing fees, insurance commission, and other tiny fees they simply know of. If you work with someone else, normally you won't need to pay such penalties which together stand for a substantial amount.


Using P2P platforms provides you rapid access to this cash you need. Bank can take weeks or more for you to get the amount of money you are willing for.

With P2P financing, you may even able to secure a bargain with the creditor and have enough money in your accounts all in 1 day.

Excellent potential yields:

Peer-to-Peer lending offers excellent possibility yields with a few platforms providing yearly interest earnings in excess of 9 percent and in certain cases around 20%. Normally, banks' savings account gives 6 percent, so it only makes sense to invest in P2P.