It is a developmental disease that no parent would like their kids to have no matter what. This disorder will render a child disable to some extent, unable to communicate well.

Some are unable to speak at all, suffering from all sorts of health related problems. Autism is a disorder that needs understanding and patience. There are many autism social and support network that will help your child to deal with it.

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What exactly causes Autism?

The causes are unknown, although there can be some factors that could be pointed out as the cause. This is a permanent disorder that will affect a person's ability to socialize and communicate with other people.

Some kids born with autism can't talk at all. They express their thoughts and emotions through actions or signs. Some are unable to totally express themselves.

There is no known drug that could cure a child or person with autism but there are several types of treatment recommended by physicians. However, the result from these treatments varies from kid to kid basis.

There is no guarantee whatsoever that the kid will have improvement after ever treatment. Some will be able to respond well and show great progress, some won't. Autism is a disorder that knows no boundary, knows no race, age or gender.

Some shows challenging mood swings and repetitive activities and behaviors as kids with autism don't like surprises and changes. They’ll be able to support the child's every need such as a specialist to regularly look into his need and medication.