Carpet cleaning machines are most likely something that most people don't think about. They only turn their minds to such devices when they decide they want to start doing carpet cleaning as a sideline business or go into it completely, but most people don't give much thought to the machines that professionals use and they really should because it turns out there are actually quite a number of different kinds of carpet cleaning machines out there and they use different methods and techniques.

Carpeting is one of the most important aspects of your home. While you are thinking of interior design, don’t forget to take care of your carpets. A building with a good looking exterior will be nothing without proper maintenance inside the house. Here is some information on different Carpet Cleaning Machines so that you can choose the best option to clean your carpets.

Types Of Carpet Cleaning Machines

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is the most innovative, safe but effective cleaning method at present. With the steam cleaner, you will get best results without damaging your carpet underlayment. Steam cleaners are capable of removing both dry stains and wet pet stains. You can easily remove burnt-in stains or messes with this machine. To clean heavily soiled spots, you only need to use some hot water in this machine.

Steam carpet cleaning is the most widely used method of carpet cleaning. It can be done at home as well as by professional carpet cleaners at offices, schools, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, etc. Furniture moving companies also use steam cleaning to sanitize offices, apartments and condos that are being vacated. Steaming is considered to be the most effective chemical- free way to remove soil from carpets.


Carpet Cleaning Encapsulation is also known as ‘dry foam cleaning’. When this cleaning process is used it is used to clean dry spills. The cleaning solution contains foaming agents that encapsulate the solid spill materials on the carpet, which allows the material to be easily vacuumed away.

Encapsulation involves attracting different types of dust or dirt particles to a sticky substance, which means that the substance will have the ability to capture the particles without releasing excessive amounts of dirt into the air. This method of carpet cleaning is often used to remove the top layers of dirt, grime and stains.


Bonneting is a type of carpet cleaning used in conjunction with the low moisture cleaning method. In this type of carpet cleaning, a collection of six to nine brushes are used to agitate and loosen any soil in the carpet pile prior to vacuum extraction. This method is best used in conjunction with a suction extraction machine or a dry extraction machine. 

Bonneting is one of the oldest methods of carpet cleaning. While this method is often expensive, it's also typically the most effective for high traffic areas such as hallways and stairwells.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning is the most widely used method of cleaning carpets throughout the world. Dry carpet cleaning also happens to be one of the most preferred methods by consumers. This method uses elements like spray bottles and water-based chemical solutions to quickly clean carpets without having to soak them in water.

Dry carpet cleaning is the process of cleaning the carpets without the use of water. Basically, this method uses specially-designed equipment to agitate and aspirate (with high-torque fans) dirt and debris from your carpet fibers. The process is often completed using environmentally friendly or non-caustic chemicals instead of water.


Shampooing is the type of carpet cleaning that uses soap like substances to remove heavy soil and stains from your carpets. Usually, the shampooer is mixed with hot water for best results.

Shampooing is a cleaning method that uses shampoo to loosen dirt and grime from the surface to be cleaned. Soap and water are applied to the carpet using a machine to clean away the dirt. Some vacuum cleaners have a special shampoo function which uses a cleaning solution and a high-powered vacuum system to clean the carpets.