If you know how to win at Hockey Air or Foosball, then you will enjoy playing Hockey Dome. This game combines the appearance of hockey with a fast-back foosball action. These tables are equipped with a large protective dome that prevents powder from flying from the table. You can find ice hockey table online.

Licensed "Miracle on Ice" Edition Super Chexx PRO Bubble Hockey Table

 It comes with some of the same features that you would expect at a traditional air hockey table and a foosball table, such as an electrical assessment system, which gives the game that the type of arcade feels that most people love.

This type of table can provide hours of entertainment, whether you are looking for a table for use at your small home or business. This game is not common like an air hockey table, so it will definitely attract the crowd or can quickly be a major form of entertainment at home, especially when children are trapped in it. Just as FOOSBALL, this table only needs to leave both ends of tables that can be accessed by players, which means that one side can rest with the wall. This is a great added value if your home or business lacks space.

So, if you are looking for a unique game table for your family room or your small business, then the Dome Hockey table will be the perfect addition. Offering the pleasure of arcade-style and fast-pacific action. A large protective dome will prevent children from losing chips and storing all components on the table looks new. Fortunately, these tables are often more affordable than standard air hockey tables, so you can invest more in the upper class model, designed to survive and be equipped with various features designed to enhance your game play experience.