When it comes to traveling, finding comfortable accommodation is the key. There are travelers who prefer to stay in fancy hotels while others prefer a hostel. When it comes to hostel, it can be a little tricky at first as to which one to choose. There are many hostels however, there are a few who offer either bad service or miss out on a few basic amenities due to being cheaper. These are a few things you should always consider and look for when it comes to a genuine hostel.

  1. Consider the Location – A centrally located hostel is the way to go for when it comes to finding a genuine hostel. This allows you to visit other popular attractions and sites easily without needing to travel for a longer duration. Moreover, a centrally located hostel offers easier access to local transportation.
  2. Consider Lockers – Staying in a hostel means staying and sharing the room with unknown travelers. This means you need to be careful to your belongings at all times. Look for a hostel that offers lockers allowing you to keep your items in a safe manner.
  3. Consider Common Room – A common or communal room is where all the travelers come together to have a great time with one another. Make sure the hostel you are going to book has this room where instead of spending time inside the rooms, the common room is the best place.

If you consider or look for these things then you are bound to have a memorable stay at Ao Nang Hostel.