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Things Should Handle Social Media Agency

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With all the cross-departmental functions, BC has certainly evolved into a marketing and communications components required for modern business.

Like the traditional agency model, a social media agency will work with clients on a servant, hourly or project fee-based.

And, like when you hire another institution, you must have a clear vision of what you will need to be executed. So I thought I would write a few thoughts to help you determine what should be left to the institutions of social media vs. traditional agency records.

Strategy – This is something you have to stay with the social media agency. There are too many tools, tactics and new technologies available to traditional organizations to stay on top. Traditional large institutions will guide the sound brand and audience segmentation, etc,

Community Management – Engaging your community of friends and followers on a daily if not hourly is no small task. It requires a full-time resource for research relevant content, publishes and then monitor the interaction.

Hiring an agent BC to manage this component of your business is a wise move, simply because they will have more resources and experience in the management of community than most "tactical" traditional agency-based.

Monitoring – Listen to the conversations taking place about your brand or business is very important in shaping how involved people.