Cycling around scenic landscape is therapeutic. Many modern tourists opt to stay on foot or hire a bicycle while on a trip to another country. This is a great way to explore the new place, meet natives, learn about their culture, know about their food, but the biggest perk remains that you can stop any moment anywhere without having to worry about finding a new ride or missing a sight that you want to go close and cherish.  Bicycles are famous among backpackers. Many private companies in Thailand provide advanced bicycles on rental basis. You can start by speaking to your guide. Many guides are also willing to accompany their clients on a separate bike and facilitate a complete bicycle trip around the city.

Bicycle rides are affordable for most because there is fuel refill involved. It is also not limited to any particular terrain. If you are a seasoned cyclist, you can actually take your bike to the moon and back. Renting a bike for your trip also resolves most of the commute issues like going to and back from the markets, spa, shopping malls, restaurants, etc.

If you can find a professional guide to accompany you through the trip, you can also overcome the language barrier issues that may leave you gung ho in certain parts of Bangkok and Phuket. Since the two cities are big metropolises, most people can communicate in English but many roadside kiosk vendors are from low income groups and can only communicate in their native language.

If you plan to explore Phuket and Bangkok, it will be a memorable roadtrip for sure. You can find comfortable accommodation during your stay at one of the Phuket Hostels.