In modern times, spiritual health is something that many people tend to ignore as they are more concerned with materialistic success and financial gain. People tend to ignore the fact that being in good spiritual health not only makes them a better human being but also helps them in developing better social health for the fulfillment of their greater purpose in life. You can also get to know more about finding spirituality in your twenties online.

Good spiritual health helps one in getting rid of one's fears and also leads to a greater awareness of the Divine Spirit that all religions refer to. It helps people in learning the art of selflessness as well as giving and receiving unconditional love which in turn provides great opportunities for the spiritual growth of an individual.

One learns to be more committed and honest in one's relationships, be it with a spouse, parents, friends or even colleagues. People with good spiritual health can take society forward on the path of spiritually with their vast knowledge and greater vision.

Creating and maintaining spiritual health is not difficult if one follows its four important rituals on a regular basis. The rituals include praying, meditating, showing gratitude and spending time with nature. Even though prayer and meditation have been associated with spiritualism since ages, in modern times people have ignored these two basic aspects of living and given in more materialistic pleasures.

On the other hand, not many people are aware that showing gratitude and exposing oneself to the various elements of nature including fire and water play an important role in maintaining great spiritual health that is quite essential for good living.