Pool covers are becoming increasingly popular with pool dealers and owners. This applies to indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Pool covers offer many benefits to pool owners, some of which can even be of tangible and measurable value. Indeed, the roof of the pool is a must for a swimming pool that every pool owner must-have. If you want to get more information about the indoor-outdoor pool you may look at this web-site.

Protect Your Pool With Pool Covers - Reap Benefits

Many cases of drowning children and even pets from unprotected pools have been reported. An unsupervised swimming pool above the pool is very effective at preventing such accidents.

A pool cover is a real safety device. This acts as a horizontal fence to your pool, protecting it from accidental access by your little ones, pets, and uninvited visitors.

While there is still no substitute for proper supervision, pool rooftops can do it on your behalf in your absence. Swimming pool covers can save your life and the lives of those you care about.

If you don't just invest in safety, a pool cover will also save you money. How a pool cover can save up to 70% on operating costs by reducing your pool's need for additional heating equipment, make-up water, water purifying chemicals, and cleaning and maintenance costs.

According to research, a swimming pool that is not protected by a pool cover can lose up to 30% of its heat and more than 10,000 liters of water, including water treatment chemicals, each day due to natural evaporation processes.

Evaporation is primarily responsible for heat loss in pool water, among many other factors. Evaporation of water requires a large amount of energy, which in turn extracts a lot of heat from the pool water.