When you hear someone talk about ATVs they always mention one vehicle – the Land Rover. Land Rover vehicles are by far the best performing vehicles on the off-road market, and for good reason. They achieve best-in-class results on nearly every inspection and are the perfect vehicle for road and off-road use.

The Land Rover is faster and more powerful than most 4x4s on the market and faster than the Porsche Cayenne and Mercedes ML. The efficiency of a special off-road vehicle is in some cases higher than that of a Land Rover. You can buy the best outback accessories for your vehicles.

However, if you take driving skills into account, it becomes clear why the Land Rover is the all-terrain vehicle of choice for enthusiasts around the world.

Land Rover offers a wide range of vehicles from the classic look and style of the Mark 1 series to the hugely popular and modern Discovery. However, all Land Rovers have one thing in common – performance. All models are suitable for off-road driving and driving and can handle some serious challenges.

Land Rover is also statistically the safest vehicle on the road. A study by the UK Department of Transport shows that the Land Rover is three times safer than Volvo's safest car and twice as safe than a Jeep Cherokee and Toyota Land Cruiser.

This study was conducted by assessing the likelihood of death in a collision with two cars. If you want to feel safe while driving, whether in dangerous conditions or to reduce the risk of accidents, the best thing to do is to sit in the Land Rover.