Proper water heater support each year, by a professional plumbing firm, will maintain your appliance working efficiently for ages. There isn't much to do when it comes to keeping the unit but it's a maintenance area that is the most overlooked in the house. Read this article to know more about navien tankless water heater.

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There are various sorts of units that require different maintenance. 

Electric tank  

These heaters need the tank to be emptied once annually. To carry out this task the individual keeping the heater will first turn off the power and wait until the device is completely chilled.  

Then they're going to start a hot water faucet somewhere in the home to stop vacuum, much like placing two holes at a juice can rather than one. The hose is set in an area where the water can drain safely and the valve is opened.  

Natural gas tank or navien 

The maintenance of a gas heater is extremely similar to electric but is more dangerous due to the inherent nature of the gas. The device is turned off and drained and cooled identically.  

When it's turned back on the maintenance person will assess the venting and the pattern and color of the burner flame against the manufacturer's recommendations. Once it's determined to be adequate that the maintenance is complete.


Tankless heaters have been around for a couple of years. They are popular because they're more efficient than tank fashion since they only require energy while they're being used.  Because they don't store a water source the maintenance is essentially just changing a filter.