"Excavator" is one such invention, which has changed the style of construction. Excavator is a machine, which digs out. Before the invention of this machine, the task of digging out was done by the people with buckets or with their hands. So to save that power, science made this machine. Read this article to know more about the importance of excavators.

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This has become the backbone of the construction sector. Whether the construction is of a building, digging a hole, repairing a road or to carry out any heavy load, this is used.

Some of its essential parts are:

Arm or stick- A very essential part of the machine, which is operated with a hydraulic pump. This part is called arm or stick because it has a long structure and looks like a human's arm. It is used to move the bucket or boom.

Boom- Another part of this machine, whose one side is connected to the arm of the machine and another side, is connected with the bucket. It takes the load of the bucket and is operated by a hydraulic pump.

Bucket- The main purpose to make this machine was to hold heavy things and this task is done by the bucket. 

Undercarriage- The lower part of the machine, which takes all the load of the machine on its tires or crawler. An excavator with tires cannot work properly in mud or sand, but if it has crawler than, it is very easy to move on that.

Used Excavator, An excavator is a mechanized machine that is designed to dig a hole and transport the earth material removed from the ground.