Are you walking, biking or driving to school or work, or fly across the country, you'll want a good quality laptop case that you can rely on for your trip. You may want to save money on your gym bag, but your laptop bag will be carrying something more valuable than sweaty socks and shorts.

Here is the best choice for them.

Laptop backpack –

This is one of my favorite choices for the hands-free aspect and their flexibility. Plus, after being tied in, it is highly unlikely they will be left behind somewhere or stolen. The best laptop backpack for men will give you the benefit of additional storage and pockets to carry your belongings.

best business travel backpack

It is especially useful for traveling by bike, walking or when you have extra items that you need to carry by hand. Look for waterproof, the right size and fit, comfortable straps and zippers are strong.

Laptop totes –

If you need to lean more towards protecting your laptop from carrying additional equipment, then tote laptops may be more up your alley. a more compact design makes them easy to carry and stow in a plane or car when space may be limited.

Most of them still offer a limited number of pockets and sleeves for extra storage. Be sure to measure your laptop before buying because they come in various sizes. Along with the size, look for durability and padded to protect your device.