Australia is among the fastest emerging economies of the world. 'The Land of Kangaroos' has immense opportunities both for professionals as well as entrepreneurs. Thousands of people migrate to the place in the search of profitable business ventures.

To be eligible to be a part of this emerging economy, make sure that you have a business visa even while you meet all the Australian business visa requirements. If you want to get more information about Australian business visa, then you can navigate to

The business visa applicants are divided into two groups: Business Skills (Provisional) and Business Talent (Migrant), and both have their own sets of conditions.

Both groups of applicants need to ink a statement agreeing to fulfill some essentials related to their visa post coming in Australia, which include:

  • Applicants have to appraise the concerned department, i.e., Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) about their inhabiting address in a period six months post entering the nation,
  • The applicant needs to inform the DIAC of frequent changes, if any, made in the address within 28 days of a change in the residential address.

The holders of Investor Visa are required to preserve their selected investment for the least number of years. Any non- compliance with the stated conditions may lead to visa cancellation.