Monoclonal antibody technology is essential for biotechnological research and plays an indispensable role in the structure and function of genes and proteins, which remain indispensable for the immunological diagnosis of humans, animals and plants. 

Techniques for the production of monoclonal antibodies are presented below, including hybridoma technology and building a phage display library with a broad perspective for applications in clinical medicine as well as for the diagnosis and treatment of disease. There are some companies that provide antibody validation service like Bosterbio

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Latest technology updates

The traditional method

  1. Chimeric monoclonal antibody

  2. Transplant antibody CDR antibody has a high human affinity of 95%

  3. Humanization of amino acid residues on the three-dimensional surface of the antibody to humanize the cosmic surface of the variable region fragments

Biolabs Creative Hybridoma Service

Hybridoma technology, a widely accepted method for large-scale production of monoclonal antibodies resulting from the fusion of specific antibodies producing lymphoblasts with myeloma, takes the formation of hybrid cell lines as a key element.

The Hyperdoma Creative Biolabs platform is a high-performance hybridoma generation platform that is integrated with the latest technology to ensure the production of unique monoclonal antibodies by global customers.

Solutions include Magical Human Antibody Production, DNA Immunization Service, Hybridoma Production Service, Special Antibody Production Service, Natural Antibody Detection, etc.