Balcony fences are a perfect barrier in many diverse environments and there are a number of varieties to choose from. The railing must match the function they want to serve, but they must also look stylish and suitable for the environment in which they are located. If you want to ‘construct balcony’ (which is also called ‘konstruere balkong’ in the Norwegian language)

The most common material used in making all rail varieties is metal. But wood and plastic can also be used depending on the situation. Modern plastic is becoming more popular because of its long-lasting durability. Rails that look good made of metal or wood can be degraded quickly and require a lot of maintenance.

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There are a number of different basic fence varieties. Each of them is suitable for different uses and environments so it is necessary to see at a glance what each can offer. The first vertical bar rail provides a nice and strong answer for boundary protection and property separation. The choice of round, square or hexagonal rods gives you the choice to have the shape of the fence that best fits the environment in which it will be installed.

Other types of fence include the upper bow style and the audience rail. Both of these styles are used primarily for safety. The upper rail bow is often seen in children's playgrounds. They work well there because they provide good visibility combined with a high level of security. They are designed to make it difficult for children to get stuck in the hands or head for example. Audience rails are a variety of rails that are ideal for installation in sports venues.