Root canal treatment is one of the most popular dental restoration systems among dentists. It replaces the old practice of extracting teeth as the only cure for tooth disease or tooth decay.

If you have dental problems, it's best to consult a dentist who will thoroughly investigate the problem and recommend root canal treatment in Alexandria. Before saying yes to root canal treatments or RCTs, it's good to have a basic understanding of root canals and their problems.

root canal

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The root canal is the natural space in the tooth root where the pulp chamber is located. Root canals can be connected by smaller branches that can run along with the root tips or along with the roots.

The procedure for treating damaged teeth with RCT

If this situation is left unchecked, long term problems can arise. Therefore, dentists choose to remove the pulp by treating the root canals. When treating a damaged tooth, the dentist will often use X-rays to check the shape of the root canals and the level of infection.

He will then use a local anesthetic to create the area around the problem tooth. Then, the dentist puts a rubber dam around the tooth to keep the area dry.

When the dentist completes the cleaning process in one session, they will close the tooth on the same day. Otherwise, the temporary fill material is used to seal off the access opening from mouth contamination. The last condition is the restoration of the shape and function of the teeth by placing a dental crown.