Although plastic pallets are highly popular among people involved with supply chain management and logistics, there are entrepreneurs who are still in the dark about the benefits they offer.

In a recently published report on the forecast of plastic growth opportunities, it is expected that their demand will rise considerably. The steady growth would be due to factors such as hygiene, durability, safety, space-saving qualities, and many more. Wooden pallets have almost lost their market in recent times because of their several drawbacks. You can buy plastic pallets at

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For those who are looking for a switch from wooden to plastic, the information shared below will serve as the requisite knowledge for making an informed decision.

Types of plastic pallets

The types of pallets used in storing and transportation can be classified into categories depending on the type of:

Material: On the basis of material, it can be classified into HDPE pallets made of High-Density Polyethylene and PP pallets made of Polypropylene. Apart from these two types, there are recycled plastic pallets that are made of used plastic involving both HDPE and PP.

Design: The classification based on design is broad as there are various types like rackable, stackable, nestable, and picture frame plastic pallets.

Application: Drum plastic pallets, spill control, food-grade, hygienic, anti-static, heavy-duty, medium weight and lightweight are the classification according to application. Some manufacturers also produce ESD pallets made with electrically conductive material for the transport of electronic gadgets or their components.