Hard-wearing and resistant to staining, polypropylene is an extremely popular fabric for carpet production. It's soft, it is relatively easy to keep and you may kiss the stains.

What is there not to like? Well, despite its apparent advantages, the best polypropylene mesh does need you to adopt a somewhat different approach to carpet cleaning.

But if you've just bought yourself a polypropylene rug and don't have any idea how to look after it, do not despair. You have come to the perfect location.

This report will go over the key differences between polypropylene and regular rugs while giving you simple to apply cleaning tips and tricks! Want to learn more? Just read on!

Prevention works wonders!

As with all other kinds of domestic cleaning, restricting the quantity of dirt and dust that you must handle is your first step! This can be achieved by placing mats facing your doors to trap the dirt and by restricting traffic from specifically cluttered areas (workshops, garages, etc.)

Vacuum Regularly

Whilst vacuuming is essential for all types of flooring when it comes to cleaning carpets made from polypropylene, it is crucial.

Your whole carpet should be vacuumed twice a week at the minimum. In case you've got young kids or keep pets, then you need to think about doubling this amount, or even better – performing a brief vacuuming session daily after you come home from work.