Anyone can take advantage of the capabilities of an industry-leading platform like IBM Websphere, but they can't. Not only can it be too expensive, but the day-to-day setup and management can also go beyond the capabilities of the organization. 

Also, there's absolutely no point in spending a lot of time and money on an e-commerce platform that you use only partially. It is always better to look for an amazon ecommerce agency to save time and money. 

6 most important factors to consider when choosing an ecommerce platform - Expert Training Institute

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The following are examples of factors that influence the platform selection process:-

Available Budget:- There's no point looking at IBM Websphere or ATG when you only have $ 15,000. Make sure you focus on the right expenses first to avoid major disappointment. However, this is a broader strategy than frills. So, make sure you cover your essential foundation well, build a solid foundation, and take it from there.

Product Type:- Sometimes Overlooked: Most people just expect the system to work well for all products. For example, are you selling an expensive item that requires a down payment? Or are the products available in 15 different sizes each with several attributes? 

Some e-commerce platforms don't like it, so you need to be aware of the different nuances of the system. Sometimes it makes sense to change how the system works, but often it's better to look different – see Business Processes below.