First aid courses are popular because they save lives. If your family members, friends, or strangers are in a dangerous situation, you know that first aid will really help them. In a first aid course, you will learn various techniques to save lives.

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The time immediately after the accident is very important for the survival of the patient. If immediate assistance is provided, there is a better chance to stabilize the patient, prevent damage to vital organs, and save his life.

Here are four basic things that will be taught by a life-saving first aid course.

• You learn to stabilize and comfort victims after an accident. First aid training prepares you for emergencies and keeps you calm under pressure. This will help you treat the victim better.

• Bleeding is the most common result of an accident or injury. This bleeding must be controlled within minutes after the injury to save the patient's life. The first aid course teaches you techniques to stop bleeding and ensure that victims do not bleed to death.

• Choking occurs in children because they can accidentally put something in their mouth. Sometimes this can lead to dangerous situations where foreign objects can settle in the body. You will be trained to help in such emergencies.

• A person can faint along the way due to various reasons such as stroke, heart attack, drowning and others. In this case, the person cannot breathe and receives an insufficient supply of blood to the organs of the body. Only immediate treatment can save a patient's life, otherwise the results will be fatal.