Aromatherapy massage therapy is rapidly gaining popularity in day-to-day spas and salons, as well as in massage therapy clinics. This special healing art combines various massage therapy techniques such as Swedish massage with aromatic essential oils. If you want to get the best massage therapy then you can also look for: sports physical therapy clinics

Applying essential oils to the body through massage has been clinically proven to reduce stress and relieve musculoskeletal pain. in addition to a positive effect on the limbic system, which therefore helps improve mental health.

Polarity therapy, another form of massage therapy, is based on the body's healing energies that integrate nutrition, exercise, and self-confidence. This massage therapy was actually discovered in the 20th century by Dr. Randolph Stone who discovered how touch can affect the human energy field. Like "touch therapy", polarity therapy is a unique massage technique that is performed using the light to hard touch method.

As an anti-aging treatment, facial massage therapy is not only a growing trend for customers, but is also gaining freedom as a teaching program in cosmetic schools, aesthetic schools and, of course, massage therapy schools.

As a cosmetic treatment, facial massage therapy provides people with natural toning and is known to help reduce stress and even remove dead skin cells. Eastern facial massage therapy is similar to facial reflexology in that it connects certain facial meridians with other body systems and is believed to help relieve common health conditions such as musculoskeletal pain.