Tourist Visas: Tourist visas are issued to foreign nationals who want to vacation in India. Tourist visas can be granted for a period longer than six months, provided that the longest period of stay in India does not exceed six months. Someone with a tourist visa must maintain a minimum gap of two months between two successive visits to that country. If you want to travel newzealand then you can search for various online sources.

Entry Visa: Entry visas are issued to people of Indian origin and for the couple and their children so that the person or the spouse and children can visit the country for personal use.Visa Business: Business visa is issued to people visiting India to explore business opportunities or to run a business or attending a business conference organized by private organizations.

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Someone with a business visa can not obtain remuneration from an organization in India and could not remain in India for a period exceeding six months. An application for a business visa should be enclosed with the letter of the organization, details of the business, a place to be visited and the intention to meet costs incurred in India.

Student Visa: Visa students are given up to five years, provided they are covered by registration or the registration papers for the study in the housing program in an educational institution officially recognized.