Buffers in dairy cow rations are compounds that neutralize excess acid in the digestive system of animals. They supplement the natural buffer that occur in saliva and improves its ability to overcome the harmful effects of acid production.

Buffers help to promote thriving rumen micro structures and fauna, by resisting changes and maintaining optimal rumen pH. If you’re looking for more information about best buffers for dairy cows you can see here now.

 the best buffers for dairy cows

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Additionally study shows buffers' minimizing wide changes in rumen pH enhance fiber digestion,milk fat percentage and general milk yield. 

Published experiments documented the use of calcium magnesium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate,  magnesium oxide,  and other vitamin supplements are powerful buffering and/or alkaline agents.Dietary buffers are widely utilized in the dairy sector.

Evaluation of Buffer/Alkaline Feed Additives

Preliminary measurements were conducted to determine the efficacy of dietary supplements (buffer/alkaline) on rumen fermentation by measuring pH and gas generation in vitro rumen fluid over time to 24h.

Gas manufacturing technique is a powerful process to predict rumen fermentation model in vitro since it also correlates linear connections with VFA and NDF patterns as well as the fermentative digestion of feed or rations from the rumen. 

Previous research demonstrates that supplementation of sodium bicarbonate from the ration results in well-managed herds with flourishing rumen microbe populations, increased milk fat and yield.