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Isolates CBD is a process that can only be extracted from the flax plant. Industrial hemp is used in many products that appear in the new CBD cannabidiol wholesale market. In its purest form, the isolate is a white crystalline powder consisting of 99% + cannabidiol. People in social media will say that this is the most popular products all over the CBD for this reason.

All other cannabinoids, terpenes, plant material, oil, and chlorophyll is filtered from solution. To ensure the elimination of all other cannabinoids of isolates, the scientists used a process known as chromatography (a technique for separating mixtures).

Once this process is complete, the solution is heated to change the chemical structure of CBDA (Cannabidiol Acid) to the CBD. Please complete the form above to benefit from our wholesale program is amazing CBD. You can use the CBD vape you if you are interested in trying it out for yourself but rest assured all our CBD wholesale products are of the highest quality.