Computer-based POS system along with the POS hardware has the entire standard computer interface, so it linked with numerous POS peripherals products which help in various type of business to run smoothly.

The different type of POS peripherals for business:

  • POS barcode scanner consists of the normal white and black lines. The bar code reader may read the lines and decode the bar code in accordance with the consented protocol. There are two chief types of Bar code equipment. Discover more information here about the different POS and its components.

                                               Point of Banking

  • Bar code scanner helps in the digital scales and receives the corresponding cost, the info can be published by the kind of bar code printing, or so the POS scanner may read the info.
  • Magnetic card scanner may record the Easy and unchanged informing and maybe real-time queried. The magnetic card reader (MCR) may read two-tracks or three-tracks information.
  • IC card and IC card reader can capture dozens of KB info, and can alter the data real-time data in the card, and then compose new data in the IC card, and also calculates together with the saying stored on the IC card.
  • The authorized License machine may read the number of charge cards issued by banks, and question real-time by the banking system and find the authorization of this lender.
  • Constructed communication card or outside MODEM Throughout the communications system card MODEM, the POS can communicate with a distant computer and transmit information.