The extensive list shows that new employe perceptions of the employer/employee relationship are negatively affected if even one person fails to perform the assigned duties. The included product optimizes processes for each department and new employees.

Unnecessary steps can be eliminated to update them in the online automated tool, while others take the time to update the information in papers that were previously done. The onboarding metrics data is sent to each system without having to be repeated. 

Automatic workflows and reporting are easy to monitor. This ensures that each department completes its task on time every time. This attention to detail makes it clear that the process is well organized and that employee time and productivity are valued.

Unload what makes sense to employees with technology without overloading it. Use a balance that best reflects your company culture. The company has a specially appointed "friendly system" or "mentor" to help new employees adapt to the company and department.

Create pride and investment for employees. Employees receive a company logo to be proud of and engage with responsible management during the first three to five working days.

Clear Expectations – Clearly a term for sorting outcomes for the role. Scheduled follow-up meetings so employees know where they are and can ask relevant questions, etc.