Are you using Netgear ex2700 Wi-Fi range extender? If yes, then I would like to ask you whether you have set up the device yet or not. If not, then this post is only for you. Here, in this post will discuss some important steps to setup Netgear Ex2700 wireless range extender.

It is hard to experience any kind of problem while performing the steps, but in case you do, then you can take help of range extender wifi help and support providers.

Steps For Netgear Ex2700 Setup:

  1. Before you setup the Netgear ex2700 wireless range extender, you need to make sure that the extender is placed in the close proximity of the connection point.
  2. Connect to the extender by scanning for SSID, which will be something like this Netgear_ext. You are going to see this after you scan for the accessible wireless network on your device.
  3. Open your web browser now and enter www l. You are going to see the Netgear login screen, where you need to enter credentials. In the username field, enter ‘admin’ and the exact needs to be filed into the password field.
  4. Enter into your Netgear ex2700 Setup account and click on ‘advanced settings’, which is given on the top right corner of the screen.
  5. Under advanced settings there will be an option named ‘wireless’, which you have to click.
  6. Click on wireless security and select the password.
  7. You will get logged off now, so it’s time that you should connect your device to Netgear Extender again.
  8. Click your wireless range extender followed by selecting ‘WISP’.
  9. Click on the open scan and locate your router with the lowest number connect to it under the option named ‘signal strength’.
  10. Last step, click on ‘connect’ and you will see that the extender has begun the rebooting process, so wait until the router reboots. When it does, you can check if the internet is working or not by opening www mywifiext net login page.