To understand split air conditioners, you first need to understand the basics of air conditioners and why we need them. As temperatures rise, it's important to intervene in nature's excess and tame the climate. You can now look for the best split air conditioner in Melbourne at

Most Energy Efficient Air Conditioner Reviews 2020

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Air conditioning systems are available in various sizes with different cooling capacities. Prices vary accordingly. Apart from the usual air conditioners for windows, there are also air conditioning systems for air separation, but the basic principle of operation is usually the same.

The split air conditioner is a refrigerator without an insulated box. The refrigerant evaporation mechanism (Freon) is used for cooling. Freon is a term for all types of flammable fluorocarbons used as refrigerants and aerosol fuels.

The cold freon gas is compressed by the compressor and becomes hot. The heated gas passes through several coils and condenses to become liquid. This fluid now passes through the valve which can expand and contract. 

It evaporates and cools under low pressure. This cold gas in turn passes through another set of coils which allows the gas to absorb heat. The air inside the building turned cold. Light oil is mixed with CFC gas to lubricate the compressor.

The air conditioning system separates the heated from the cold side. The expansion valve and cold coil are on the cold side. They are stored in an oven or other cooling manipulator.