Window and door manufacturers make these motorized systems technologies easy to install. They also provide a variety of customization options to make them operate in different systems, sizes, and shapes – an array of choices possible for your individual needs. The practical answer to how to operate a motorized sliding windows & doors is that you have various controls from which you can choose to install the best system for your home. 

Motorized sliding windows or doors are a great way to let fresh air and light into your home or to bring the outside inside without needing to do anything. Much like their manual-folding counterpart, they tilt toward one another while simultaneously lifting, allowing them to open up without placing any strain on the frame. This makes motorized sliding windows an especially good fit for larger openings like picture windows, skylights, and bay windows that need to accommodate a lot of weight. By requiring very little effort to open and close, they also allow you to draw them whenever you want without breaking a sweat. Whether you’re in the mood for a cool breeze or just want some natural lighting, automated versions will always keep your home safe at all times. But how do you actually use them? Here's everything you need to know about operating a motorized sliding window or door in no time.

Operating A Motorized Sliding Window or Door

A motorized sliding glass door is a great addition to any room, as it allows for easy access to the home. It also provides a beautiful view of any surrounding landscape, and if you have an outdoor pool, it can give you easy access to your pool. To operate a motorized sliding glass door, simply press the open button on your transmitter, and the door will glide effortlessly and silently in either direction. If you want to stop the door at any point during its travel, just press the stop button. If you want to close the door, simply press the close button on your transmitter. The sliding glass door will not be able to be closed if there is anything in its path (in this case, it will auto-reverse), so make sure that there are no children or pets near the door when closing it. After pressing the close button, if you wish to cancel the closing of your motorized sliding glass door, simply press the stop button at any time.

Your Guide To Operating A Motorized Sliding Window or Door

As a homeowner, you should know the different ways to operate your motorized sliding window or door. Most of the time, you’ll be using the convenient remote control or the handy wall switch. But what happens when the power goes out? What can you do if your pet gets trapped in the garage?

Below are some ways you can operate your motorized sliding window or door:

1. Power Outage

If there’s a power outage, you can use your manual key override to open and close your motorized sliding window or door. To do this, just insert your key into the lock on the Manual Override on top of the operator and turn it clockwise until your window or door reaches its desired position.

If the motorized sliding window or door does not operate during a power outage, it is normal. During a power outage, the safety switch mechanism will prevent the window from being opened. The window will be locked in place and cannot be manually opened.

2. Power Outage with Battery Backup

If there’s a power outage and your operator has battery backup, then all you need to do is press and hold either of the two buttons on your remote control or push button wall station while pointing it at the operator. The window or door will move in that direction until it reaches its limit switches.

If there is a power outage, the motorized window/door will automatically switch to battery power. Once the power comes back on, the motor will recharge the battery and then resume its normal function.

3. Emergency Release Cord

If you want to be able to open and close your motorized sliding window or door manually in an emergency, then you should have an emergency release cord installed.

A motorized window or door is a great way to save energy and increase security. They are also very convenient, especially for hard-to-reach windows. If you have ever tried to manually open an operable skylight, you know how convenient a motorized unit can be.