Creating a logo design can be a hectic and difficult task because you will need a perfect design to represent your business perfectly and professionally. However, once designed, the next part can be even trickier, i.e. where to use it. Your logo will be used on your site and product packaging and even on your products, but when you will promote your business, you will have to use your logo in all your promotions as well to create brand awareness and compete in today's competitive business world in an effective manner.

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Now, it's obvious that you will be using your logo on your website, but the question here is that where you will use it to make it prominent. The most common place for a logo on the website is the top left corner. Your company brochure is an exceptional marketing tool. However, it will be incomplete without your logo as your brand identity design has got to be there to represent your business and win the trust of your readers.

See, the purpose of your brochure is to talk about your company and tell your readers why you are a reliable company. At the same time, you can also promote your products and services and define the benefits that why you are better than your competitors. Without a logo on your brochure, your readers won't be able to visualize your business and, thus, you won't be able to get the desired benefit through this medium. So, you have got to use it on your brochure.