In contrast to the renal pelvis inflammation or colic due to stones usually occurs no pain. This makes the symptoms of kidney failure (renal failure) so dangerous. Therefore it is important for the early symptoms of kidney disease, such as proteins or red blood cells in the urine, to determine the cause and to initiate timely therapy.

In addition to diabetes mellitus is now high blood pressure is the most common cause of chronic progressive renal insufficiency up to dialysis. You can also hire professional truvada lawyers via

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Here you can influence the onset or progression of kidney weakness very well by consistent blood pressure control. High blood pressure also may result from kidney disease. Height adjustable severe pressure because it also narrowed renal artery must be removed.

A narrowing of the renal artery can be resolved. This is better-adapted hypertension and renal disorders shrinkage can be prevented. Chronic inflammation of the kidneys can lead to kidney failure. Here it is important to recognize the warning signs of high protein excretion in time and to clarify the cause.

Kidney specialists can then advise the patient, in which case a renal biopsy (tissue sampling) is required, and is derived from the results of treatment recommendations. In some cases, kidney disease responds to other organs, such as blood disorders, blood vessel inflammation and rheumatic diseases.