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How Ibogaine Therapy Is Helpful in Conquering Addiction?

Drug addiction has emerged a dilemma for a large number of us. The root causes lying behind the scenes is that strengthen the social weaknesses of individuals to play with their lives. However, when all else fails, nature always keeps something in a store. 

Ibogaine – African herb, is a natural substance that is useful to cure all major drug addiction.

Many of us may not be well aware of ibogaine detox treatments. Hence it is good to read the reviews and testimonials about the Ibogaine treatment centres in order to ensure the success rate. If you want to go for an Ibogaine treatment centre, you can click over here to read the reviews of previous clients.

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Types Ibogaine Treatment

Ibogaine treatment mainly there for two purposes.

  • For drug addicts
  • To maintain spiritual strength

In order to achieve the first objective, the patient is monitored and was given various doses of 15 to 25 mg, to reduce drug cravings and withdrawal symptoms decrease. 

In contrast, the second type of treatment given to strengthen the ability of the patient to accept or addiction problems, and deal with spiritual power.

In short, always carefully do your research before choosing a rehabilitation centre. The choices you make now can change your future or the future of a loved one.

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Why Post Treatment Is Necessary In Ibogaine Treatment?

Addiction is known as a chronic relapsing condition. The first ninety days after the treatment is the most difficult for both the patient and the therapist. This is the time when the risk of recurrence is highest.

to understand why people relapse after ibogaine detox treatment, it is better to understand how Ibogaine helping people to deal with their addiction. Before selecting any Ibogaine centre, it is better to look out the reviews beforehand. You can see the Ibogaine treatment reviews from


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There are two unique ways in which Ibogaine helping patients to confront their addiction:

  • Help the withdrawal symptoms deletion
  • Removing withdrawal symptoms very beneficial for the patient to remain strong and help them to stay away from drugs.

Breaking the cycle of psychological addiction

Ibogaine therapy breaks the cycle of addiction and helps people to feel positive and content.

Now coming to how relapse occurs:

When Ibogaine therapy eliminates withdrawal symptoms during the process for the first time, the patient remained clean for at least 3 months. After the relapse occurred and statistics of patients feel that desire.

Ibogaine therapy, will no doubt help to break the chains of addiction but did not cure the temptations of the drug from the patient, as a result, relapse may occur after the first session.

To lower the risk of relapse, most experts recommend that patients who have to make changes in their daily lives to have a full recovery. Post-treatment aftercare of patients can help facilitate a deeper understanding of drug abuse and help for the release of their bad habits.

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