Good sound knowledge in horse feeding is important for any horse owner. Even if your horse is stabled and fed by the staff at a yard, you ought to have a basic understanding of horse nutrition. A healthy horse fed a proper diet is a horse that will have balanced energy to suit you. You can buy finest horse supplement from an online site. 

If your horse is lacking in energy he may seem lazy to you, but have you looked at his diet? Are you feeding him enough of the right food? A diet consisting mainly of hay or grass is good for a horse living out in a pasture. Of course, if that same horse is exercised on a regular basis that hay should be of high quality, good protein, and no doubt he would be having a grain too.

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Besides low energy, a horse on an incorrect diet would lose weight, or gain too much weight.

Feeding a horse more than hay obviously costs more, but you truly save on money in the long run. Horses that are worked need more than hay to replenish lost calories, to maintain his health and to repair the body. 

Today feed bags have several labels which tell you the type of food and ingredients. Foods have been specifically developed for broodmares, senior and junior horses just to mention a few.

The knowledgeable staff at a yard and your veterinarian can further assist you in choosing the correct diet.