Clear skies above and crystal-clear water below. Typical warm weather and shimmering sun rays till the horizon! What more could one ask for? The best days of one`s life after the grand wedding event can to be made more special by visiting tropicallocations to know one another better.

One is spoilt for choices to choose the best among Hawaii, Jamaica, Mauritius, Thailand, Seychelles, Australia or any other places to create those once in a life time memories. However, the Continent of Australia takes the cake away for several reasons.

The clean white sand beaches, abundant sea animals, exclusively found in this country, rain forests meeting reefs, and less populated beaches are some of the features of this place.

The dream of a lonely beach with just the 2 newly weds under the sky can be fulfilled here. It also gives an opportunity to discover amazing beach resort Experiences which may not be possible at other locations which may have noisy surroundings, day trippers or vehicular pollution.

After all, this country is famous in the world for its various natural wonders and wide-open spaces everywhere.  It believes in always conserving the natural beauty of its various Islands and therefore uses Natural resources where ever possible.

In addition, Australia has the distinct feature of being the world`s driest Continent so people all around the year can visit this island to experience the best hospitality.

A perfect tropical honeymoon destination in Australia can be found at the private islands that also operate as resorts.