In case you have an attached garage, then this space is perfect for an excess bedroom, game room, or for anything else you require more space.give a stunning look to your living area by garage conversion via 

The minimum dimensions for a garage is approximately 20' by 22'. This works nicely for automobiles; however it's a bad use of space to get an interior space. Here's a suggestion; a much more sensible and appealing use of the space is to erect a wall adjusting the space dimensions to 18' by 20'.

This is going to be a very wonderful size room for a pool table or another kind of recreation you may opt to use it to get. A huge bonus is that you may by incorporating two walk-in spaces 4' by 10' for storage or cabinets.

To benefit from your perspective of the exterior, on every one of the two 18 foot partitions, add a couple of windows. An overhead garage door opening is 7'x16' that leaves you a wonderful opening for a window. In this area you'll have the ability to match four 'x6' windows and a single door two'8"x6'8' allowing sufficient space between every for studs. Another alternative option is to include 1 door using a 4×6 window on every side.

If your garage is attached to a property, it probably already has drywall. Drywall is inexpensive, so go ahead and remove it so you may add additional electrical outlets, light, and speaker or computer wires.

Now that you've got an open ceiling and walls, you may add insulation. Utilize an R13 insulation in the walls and R19 from the ceiling with 12" of insulation in addition to the bats. As you know heat increases, making the ceiling the largest concern for heat reduction.