A very common complaint that parents have these days is that their children are not eating healthy food. This is a big issue when you look at the food that the children are eating. Chemical and fat-filled junk. 

If you want your little ones to be interested in something other than fish sticks and macaroni with cheese, then it is time for some drastic measures. It is about helping them realize the real value of healthy food schooling. You may be surprised how well your children take to new foods when you use the right techniques.

Healthy Food

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Even a single spoonful of green beans can be overwhelming to a small child. Instead of overwhelming them with a new meal, place one or two pieces of food on your plates. There is no need to force your children to eat an entire bowl of lima beans.

They include many foods but in small portions. Kids like to be loved. While you do not need to invest in special containers, you can certainly serve food in small portions. Try to keep many different foods in small muffin cups or in ramekins. 

Your child may not normally touch when frozen. Children love things like peas and carrots and even green beans. After the school snack tries to add something to your front portion and then enjoy eating icy nuggets crispy.

The whole idea that you shouldn't play with your food is ridiculous. Making healthy food fun will encourage your children to try new things. For example, turn a banana into a sea monster with carrot pieces for the eyes, a fungus of sunflower seeds and a backbone of toothed banana chips.