Getting enough sleep is an important factor in maintaining our body healthy, it gives the body a chance to rest and recharge. A condition often found for all ages is insomnia. A lack of sleep or regularly interrupted sleep can have a significant effect on our cognitive skills such as speech and memory.

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We all know the bad effects of lack of sleep, the feeling groggy, irritable and forgetful. The brain's ability to function is seriously affected by a lack of sleep. Memory, language and even a sense of time would be greatly affected by a chronic lack of sleep.

There would be a net decrease in the ability to plan and make decisions. In time sleep deprivation lead to a deterioration of physical health with high blood pressure and obesity is becoming a serious health problem.

There are several reasons why people are not getting enough sleep and this has an unhealthy effect on our bodies. The most important cause of insomnia is stress, but there are many other factors that can keep us awake, it could be something as simple as the light entering the bedroom.

If you are having trouble while sleeping, you should try wearing an eye mask to bed or sleep mask that will help improve your sleep pattern by keeping the light out. sleep masks fool the body clock into producing chemicals that prepare us for sleep.