Though many women never think about the stages of endometriosis until they are told they have it, it is probably a more common condition than most realize. Endometriosis is the buildup of endometrial tissue growing outside of the uterus. This can lead to pain and infertility issues.

There are some treatments for it, but no cure. Any women of reproductive age may develop this condition, but the exact reason why some get it and some don't seems to be a mystery. You can check out online sources to get information about endometriosis awareness month.

Though it is estimated that only five percent of women (of reproductive age) have endometriosis, the numbers might be much higher. What is more confusing is that the early stages of endometriosis can go unnoticed.

Some studies show that women who start their periods at a very young age may have a slightly higher risk for developing endometriosis. It would also appear that people with this condition have shorter cycles, with periods of heavier and longer than other women of reproductive age.

Some of the early stages of this condition are quite clear, and the diagnosis may be a matter of elimination. One of the first signs of having trouble is conceiving. It may not be evident early because there is a tendency today for women to postpone having children until their thirties for a variety of reasons.

Another of the early signs of endometriosis is an unusual amount or increased pain during a woman's period. Although some women see this, other people have had this problem for a long time and they think it is the way it should be.