Everyday floors establishment receives various types of mechanical and foot traffic, several loads and impact. Being subjected daily to these flooring systems constraints often lead to failure, resulting in poor performance and reduced resistance to further damage.

To avoid failure of the flooring, the managers of facilities encourage the installation of heavy coating systems that were hard, durable and offer extremely high performance. You can get more information about decorative Surface Coatings through http://pavementsurfacecoatings.com/

Today, more and more paint manufacturers have made products that finally reconciled coating function with form, which gives facility managers a wider choice offering a visually attractive yet high-performance floor coating options.

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Business lobbies, corridors, halls home and other places frequented visitors are often installed with interesting floor coverings to improve call. No longer limited to commercial, industrial loading docks, warehouses, and production floors also use floor systems that are designed strong and resistant to all types of loads.

Technical capabilities of the decorative floor coverings

Nowadays, these coatings are no longer relegated to showing the rooms, concert halls, and art galleries, or simply to improve the appearance of floors of the hotel.

1. A high resistance to wind conditions, rain, suitable for outdoor parks and patios. These coatings are easy to use and fast cure at low temperatures, with resistance at one year.

2. A good grip and a high resistance to water penetration, abrasion, and other damage, with unique sealing capabilities, adapted to concrete surfaces.

3. Elasticity of the surface and the ideal slip resistance for sports floors, lots of basketball or sports gymnasiums.

4. Chemical and mechanical resistance, ideal for industrial floors constantly exposed to toxic spills and heavy loads.

So these are some high-performance flooring technical characteristics.