Today, as the chaos in this world continues to destroy the hearts of human beings, there are many families whose bonds are now broken into pieces, sadly. Fathers should ensure to put a strong foundation in those bonds in order to have every family member battle the chaos in their minds and hearts. Today, children will likely share with each other their stories on how their beloved fathers told them dad jokes that either made them roll their eye or burst into laughter.

Fathers are not just the ones who have the responsible in making sure that there is the provision of needs and wants of their beloved wives and kids. However, they should ensure that every single member of the family is provided, as well, with the love and care. Indeed, there are times that a father is the cause on why their family is losing the bond they once had in the past.

Thankfully, there are still good men that have the potential of being good husbands to their wives and fathers to their children. These fathers are making sure that their kids are not just enjoying life by eating 3 meals a day, have clothes on their backs, have a reliable dwelling place, and are going to schools. They are also making sure that their kids are enjoying life through the quality moments spent by sharing jokes.

As obvious as this may sound, all fathers share the dream that their young ones will grow up to be kind, loving, and caring adults. Therefore, they are not telling jokes that will be offensive to a different culture, belief, and the physical traits of others. They will ensure that when people are looking at their sons and daughters, people will only see goodness, and care.

A dad joke is a pun, or a joke that has fun with words. The joke is usually made upon an observation about a father on the place where their families are hanging out in, and also a fun way in teasing their young ones about a word that these kids have uttered. Indeed, these jokes are not to poke fun at the kids, or to lower the self-esteem of a kid.

When a father makes jokes, usually, the children will roll their eyes as to how corny and cheesy the jokes are. However, it is just out of love, and the faces of kids can still have smiles as they find another joke that is better that what their dad told them. Indeed, some families are making it a competition on who can make the best jokes.

As the popular adage says, laughter is the best medicine. Indeed, this is proven true by researchers since laughter produces the hormones called endorphins that are responsible in shifting the bad moods of human beings into good moods. Therefore, when a child is at fault, parents who love making the child laugh are likely to not discourage the child with their words.

Even with the comfort that this digital age has brought, there are still many humans who are living in discomfort due to depression that they are going through. In some instances, depression is caused by the loneliness that people feel. In order for parents to ensure that every kid of theirs are not alone, spending time with them and making them laugh is the best way in doing so.