The spring of this year 2020 will eternally be historical in America. It had been from the spring of 2020 that many Americans came face to face with all the Corona Virus also called COVID-19. This highly infectious viral disease has become the motive colleges, businesses, daycare centers, movie theaters, and even churches are locked down. Disney has closed all its theme parks for the first time since launching in 1955. You can visit to take part in different surveys on coronavirus.

In the middle of all of the panic, what's the part of the church? Or a believer? I've experienced discussions with individuals who have been wondering how can it be houses of worship that have gone dim. Why are the doors closed on the homes of God?

Why aren't enough live flows, prayer videos or calls to provide hope? Not many pastors seem to be reaching out to parishioners this year and people that are older in the faith appeared disillusioned while babes from the religion seem puzzled.

Cultivating A Ministry Culture Around COVID-19

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Everybody is seeking leaders and answers within the entire body of Christ have a Godly duty to cultivate the flock in this season. Authentic leaders accept scenarios such as a pandemic or other catastrophe to point people toward the cross; inviting them to adopt and trust God's word.

After the fear of recent global events put in, I was instantly forced to go to the word of God. I chose to take comfort in His promises to stay loyal in the concept that regardless of what materialized within our society God will care for His people. As people of God, we have to be the serenity that unbelievers see! We have to KNOW which God is our eternal serenity to ensure an unsaved world can inquire how can we be in calm in a world gone crazy.

The situation we're in as a result of the COVID-19 virus has forced us to confront the truth of identifying exactly what side we're on using a surety. It's now the choice to be a man of faith or never lies before us all. Those people who walk with Christ need to be resilient, optimistic, and sure of that our God is, understand that he's fully capable to sustain us understand the bible points to occasions like this unfolding in the past days.