Within my job supplying advice to assist IT companies who wish to grow, among the most common concerns that I've been asked lately is "What if I do about The Cloud?"

Up until quite recently, the great majority of smaller IT firms have made a living from solution sales. They operate specifying and quoting customers for onsite based server solutions like Microsoft Small Business Server. You can contact the top cloud solution via www.alineds.com/.

This form of sale generally makes 15-20percent mark-up on the host hardware re-sale and a pleasant 2-3 days value of labor for installation solutions. Then there are on-going earnings from handling, monitoring, and encouraging the installed option.

This version has worked for quite a few years, but a threat to this version has come together -"The Cloud".

Is the Cloud a Game Changer?

With Cloud services including Microsoft Office 365 or even Google Apps, for many companies that IT companies function, there isn't any longer a necessity to put in a host on-site. Hence that the 15-20% hardware revenue mark-up vanishes.

And Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps do not demand a large quantity of preparing or first setup, therefore the 2-3 days value of labor for installation services shrinks considerably.

However, IT companies that aren't prepared to go down this path must begin thinking a little less about Tech and a bit more about Company.