The holiday season is a peak time for theft. This goes beyond the theft of physical products from brick and mortar shops. It's a booming shopping season, and cybercriminals take advantage of the fact to both steal data and use previously stolen data to make fraudulent purchases. Identity fraud rises, and many customers get unwelcome holiday surprises.

These kinds of data security breaches are especially traumatic for customers, and they are far more likely to adjust long-term shopping habits after such an attack. You can get services of data security via

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Criminals use the rush of customers to hide not only their product theft but also data theft activities. Target's POS hack from a few years ago is a great example.

Not only are such data security threats hard to detect, but by launching a successful attack during a shopping rush, criminals are practically guaranteed a higher reward for their crimes. Data security threats are more numerous and more active. It's the perfect recipe for a major data breach.

Retailers must meet this time of increased criminal activity with enhanced seasonal security measures. Most holiday attacks utilize the same data security threats retailers see throughout the rest of the year.

The secret is to avoid taking shortcuts in order to meet demand. Also, keep in mind that activity that would be considered perfectly normal the rest of the year has a high chance of signaling identity theft or attempted fraud during the holiday season.

It's worth hiring a security expert to assess your business's greatest risks before the holiday season gets into full swing. They can help you devise the most effective cybersecurity plan.