Nothing scares amateur and recreational boaters more than attempting to push up their boat parallel along with pier. You need to find a perfect place to dock your boat. 

If you are a resident of Long Island then you can rent a space for boat dockage in Long Island. If you are still worried about docking your boat then you should consider the following points to prevent damage while docking your boat: 

  • Primarily, drive your boat slow. If you move too slow controllers might not operate, you need to ensure the slowest speed limit so that boat can perform whilst still maintaining control. The slower you move the longer time you'll need to respond to any situation that could arise so this stage is essential.

boat dockage in Long Island

  • Have ropes ready to tie up your boat but be sure that these lines are stored onboard. The tides, wind and other vessel users will affect your strategy pattern so make sure you evaluate your alternatives and pick the best method to move. 

  • Attempt to keep your rate for at least 100 feet until you arrive at the pier. As soon as you get to about two boat lengths in the pier it's the right time to leap into action. Switch the controls off from the dock. This will lead to the boats back to swing towards the dock. 

  • When the above has begun happening switch the motor into neutral and allow the boat’s momentum to push the boat along with the pier.

The above procedure can be a bit daunting at first but just a little practice goes a very long way.