Business does not hurt to spend thousands of rupees on a direct mail campaign that has the potential to be distributed to thousands of homes across the country or in some international brands, global.

While a large amount of time can be taken in creating and producing collateral, using a large number of marketing budgets, in order to cover the costs of production of a list of prospects, design, and postage, can you say the same for the selection of envelope given specific target audience for the campaign?

When it comes to selecting the envelope, there are different approaches that can be adopted. It is estimated by the team with the aim to push the envelope recipient, to open direct mail they receive. There are many companies that provide security bags. You can also shop cash deposit bags via

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Depending on the audience and content, one such approach to be considered is the use of a large or colored envelope. Instead, the envelope was completely empty with only the names and addresses of potential customers that can deliver the personal touch that can be equally effective.

At the end of the day, it is how you want your audience to understand your brand. I mean if Apple sent a letter, I would expect a white envelope with the logo and nothing but my name.

So when choosing the right envelope for direct marketing campaigns, it is important to remember how the covered collateral may need to be folded.