Hostel staying is one of the budgetary stays which is preferred by many in the world. Although many hotels are budgetary still hostel staying is preferred when one is tight for the expenses on the stay during their travel.

There are a variety of facilities given by hostels. Dorm rooms are part of every hostel. In dorm rooms, traveller shares their room with another traveller. They are equipped with all the facilities, but all facilities are shared by roommates. Lockers are provided in the dorm room and this is the reason travellers feel safe for their belonging in dorm rooms.

There are many varieties in dorm room also as a female dorm room, dorm rooms with bunk beds, dorm room without bunk beds, dorm rooms with shared washroom and pod-style dorm room. One can opt for a specific dorm room as per their requirement.

Another variety of room in a hostel is a private room. Many travellers prefer a hostel but still, they need a private room. Twin private room is quite common, and this comes with two bed in one room. The single private room provides the facility of single occupancy as it has one bed in the room. The family room is also in high demand in a hostel and this comes with all the facility needs to be there for any family.

Hostels in Bangkok have many facilities and this is the reason many travellers prefer hostels in Bangkok.