A document called a Ketubah is a traditional and integral part of the Jewish wedding ceremony. This modern ketubah has also become an increasingly popular custom for non-traditional weddings as well.

The ketubah is a Jewish marriage contract written by the couple, approved by their rabbi, and signed before two witnesses. To know more about Ketubah, you can also view full details here.

These tubas, which are often made with original art alongside the text, are then framed and displayed in the couple's home. Written in the modern Ketubah is a husband's promise to take care of his future wife and children in every way, emotionally and financially.

It is also a place where couples can formulate their vows of love and devotion. Many couples today like to write their own wedding vows, and Ketubah is a great place to write them so you'll always have a beautiful reminder of your deep feelings of love and respect for one another.

Nowadays, modern ketubah can be made for couples who are about to get married. You don't have to be Jewish or traditional in any way. Modern ketubah can cater to several beliefs, ethnicities, or gender orientations. In fact, anyone can shop for custom ketubah online.

Finding the perfect design and text for the Ketubah can be one of the most enjoyable preparations for newlyweds as they begin their special day.